Sapphic-A-Thon TBR and Recommendations

Hello! catsandpaperbacks created a (well-needed) sapphic read-a-thon. So, obviously, I’m taking part. As the name suggests, you spend two weeks reading books with sapphic leads that have a f/f romance.  This will take place from December 14th to December 28th. I will leave the original blog post here which explains it in more detail.

This is an easy-going read-a-thon, so you can read as little or as much as you want. However, below there is a bingo board that can be used to challenge you. The only rule of this, is that you have to read a book with f/f relationship that involves the main character (NO SIDE ROMANCES).


I will be intending to to complete the first row of the challenges and if do manage to complete them I will then proceed with the final column. I will tell you my TBR with synopsis but I have a book for each box so I will then mention them with their links to Goodreads.

First Row

Bisexual Main Character: Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee


Jess is living a superpower-less life in a world where superpowers are common. She’s more focused on her new, paid, internship… Only working with the most notorious villain isn’t quite what she expected. What started as a way to spite her superhero parents, this new job turns out to be more dangerous then she could have imagined when uncovers more about the villains and superheroes that exist around her.

I’m really excited about this one, I have heard such good things from reviewers I really trust. This will probably be the one I get too first.

Fantasy: Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst


Princess Dennaleia has been betrothed since birth, a marriage that will form an alliance of two lands. And when an assassination leaves the kingdom terrified, Denna teams up with the Prince’s sister to find who is behind it. But Denna holds a secret. She possesses the magic of fire. Will she be able to hide her powers in this new kingdom? And what will happen if she starts to fall for her betrothed’s sister instead?

This got so much hype last year which is strange for a f/f… hmmm.


Under 500 Ratings on Goodreads: The Story of Lizzy and Darcy by Grace Watson

34731932When Lizzy and Darcy meet their is an instant dislike. But after several unexpected meetings maybe their first impressions of each other weren’t entirely accurate.

I didn’t like Pride and Prejudice when I read it for school but I’m so here for a modern day, f/f retelling of this classic love story.




Jewish Main Character: Knit One, Girl Two by Shira Glassman

51At-pLns8LClara is eager to find new colour combinations for her yarn, but nothing will come nearly as close to her last batch. That is until she see’s Danielle’s paintings and suddenly her inspiration is sparked.

This is marketed as fluffy, Jewish, f/f romance so, like all of these, I’m so excited to get to it!




Last Column

Friends to Lovers: Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

annie-on-my-mind-nancy-garden-cover-200x300Two close friends start to realise their feelings may have turned into something more than a friendship. They promise to always stay true to their feelings, but with pressures from school and their parents, their promise may be harder to keep than they first thought.


I heard this book was banned in some places which actually hurts but I’m excited to see what it’s about because their are so many good reviews.


Both Main Characters are Women of Colour: Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

22008394A story of three teens at one convention. With love, friendship and lots of fandom culture.


I honestly don’t know what else this is about. I just heard the two girls involved in the f/f romance are WOC. If I’m wrong PLEASE CORRECT ME! I hope this is not cringey because I’m always worried that with fandom books.


Main Character Realising She’s Queer: Style by Chelsea M. Cameron

30332310Kyle and Stella are two very different people, with very different plans. After the two are paired up in a project together they find out they do not get on. But after a while they start to realise that maybe things aren’t going to turn out how they planned and there are parts of themselves they didn’t even know were true.

This sounds SO PURE! and also apparently it’s sex positive which I’m so here for. 



Other Categories

Queer Woman of Colour: The Abyss Surrounds Us

Ace Spec: Daybreak Rising

Established Relationship: Bleeding Earth

Trans MC: Nevada

Non-coming Out Story: The Seafarer’s Kiss

Hate to Love: A Love Starring My Dead Best Friend

Disabled MC: The Space Between

F/F Retelling: Girls Made of Snow and Glass

Interracial: Under the Lights


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